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Psychometric Testing Services

What are the Psychometrics in Psychometric tests?

Psychometrics is a branch of Psychology that uses statistical techniques to develop reliable and valid measures of human characteristics.

Psychometric tests have been around for over 100 years since their early use to screen officers for war service in the U.S. and Great Britain.

Tests can make a significant contribution to selection and development programmes by revealing ability and personal characteristics that would not be discovered by other selection methods.

Tests are constructed through a multi-stage repetitive process including item development, test validation and practical research and feedback. In our case a company’s management and HR staff are expected to be fully involved in the process. Generally we like to validate a particular test suite on existing employees who have performance related measures available for comparison purposes.

In the case of Psychometrica International our academic and professional experience over thirty years has allowed the accumulation of a wide range of tests and measures along with a vast store of normative data derived from Industrial real life contexts.

Why Use Psychometric Tests

Research shows that ability tests predict future job performance more accurately than most other techniques. Thus they will save money in the long run. Testing is a fair and objective method of making selection decisions about people. Most modern, high profile organisations use tests extensively to help in selection and promotion decisions.

  • To short list people who show the basic abilities to perform the job
  • To identify people who have development potential.
  • To rank applicants with regard to relevant job skills

How Do You Go About Using Our Psychometric Testing Services?

After initial contact we will come and discuss the exact job specification with you and if possible, observe workers in the job, actually working.

We will then select or design from scratch suitable instruments for the job in question.

Based on many years of experience we will set provisional levels of difficulty and cut-off points for the job in question.

Where possible we will run a trial of the tests with a group of existing staff in the company.

Further study of the results and discussion will result in the final test battery and passing levels.

We then set a date for the testing and you book a hotel room or arrange suitable accommodation in your premises. We usually test 30 people in groups, every one and a half to two hours. So we test around 150 people per day.

We do all the testing, supply all the materials, score the tests and produce results within two days of testing.

Later on we supply you with detailed graphs and charts of your applicants results enabling you to track the recruitment process and identify the best.

All of our services from beginning to end are included in the per-head assessment fee. Our system is totally “transparent” and open to inspection.

We are available at all times to re-check or re-test anyone or give you a repeat of the results etc.

We have designed methods for short-listing applicants who will match the company's job criteria.

Candidate Pre-screening

Job performance depends on both ability and motivation. Our Psychometric procedures provide useful information about certain characteristics that are difficult to asses reliably by interview alone.

Candidate Analysis

We offer a training course in the theory and practice of objective behavioural and situational interviewing. This improves interviewer's skills in structuring questions, evaluating answers and being aware of biases.

Psychometric Tester Training